Piénsalo 2 Veces was launched in 2020, in response to the proliferation of scams and hoaxes in digital media. The campaign is built in a participatory way with communities, so that people can inform themselves in a safe way and learn to recognize scams and false information related to irregular migration, labor exploitation and human trafficking. In addition, we provide information on safer alternatives, such as regular migration or study and work opportunities in the countries of the region.

Piénsalo 2 Veces has been adapted to the context of different communities in Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Panama.

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Piénsalo 2 Veces - El Salvador
Piénsalo 2 Veces - Guatemala
Piénsalo 2 Veces - Honduras
Piénsalo 2 Veces - México
Piénsalo 2 Veces
Piénsalo 2 Veces - Panamá

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