Piénsalo2Veces is a communication campaign that seeks to inform you about safe migration in order to avoid risky situations and scams. Our activities in Guatemala are created alongside young people who want to impact their communities in a positive way!


Learn with our stories!

  • Think twice video clip
    3:51 min
    Think Twice, the music video: we bring you the song Think Twice in Mam language, presented by the group B'aktun Cero. Don't let anyone fool you!
  • A job abroad?
    4:11 min
    They give you the airline ticket, the job and the accommodation, but... what are the requirements? Verify that the information you receive is reliable. If you are looking for migration or local opportunities in your community, don't be fooled!
  • An easy opportunity to migrate
    3:05 min
    Luis is being pressured to make a decision and do it now, but.... Will it be as easy as they assure him? There are many people trying to trick you through false rumors about migration and opportunities so that you fall for scams or worse, human trafficking.

A comprehensive campaign... Beyond information!

Following the Communication for Development methodology, "Piénsalo 2 Veces" works together with Guatemalan communities in urban and rural areas to create actions such as:

  • Trainings with youth, institutions and key actors.
  • Promotion of youth leadership and participation.
  • Informative, cultural and recreational activities.
Fotografía: un grupo de personas jóvenes se sienta a conversar frente a una cámara.
Fotografía: cuatro personas jóvenes posan para una foto cubiertas de pintura, después de una actividad grupal.
Fotografía: cuatro mujeres jóvenes posan para una foto sentadas en el suelo frente a un cartel, durante un taller.


A campaign by IOM Guatemala