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  • Ana's job

    Ana moved to Panama with a job offer and it turned out to be not as good as she thought. Migrants in Panama have labor rights. Watch the video and learn how to identify offers that are too good to be true. 

  • Luis' job

    Luis finally got a job in Panama and they even promised to help him regularize his papers, but ... is it true? Migrants in Panama have labor rights. Learn how to identify scams related to job offers. 

  • Carmen's scholarship

    Carmen found a scholarship offer online, but when started to look for more information, she noticed that the requirements got weird.   

6 tips to avoid job scams
Be careful if they offer to help you to get a Visa. This process is personal and can only be done through the National Migration Service.
If you are asked to work without a contract as part of a trial period, this could be a scam.
If they ask you to exchange your salary for lodging or food, be suspicious! Panamanian law indicates that wages cannot be paid in kind or paid little by little.
If your salary and your workday hours do not go hand in hand, report the situation. As a migrant you also have rights.
Do not believe in offers where they promise you a quick contract or they ask for money as a requirement to hire you. In official processes, interviews, curriculum, tests and personal references are required.
If they tell you that you cannot receive your work benefits because you do not have a contract or you don’t have an irregular condition, this is not true. All working people have inalienable labor rights in Panama.