Think Twice is a communication campaign that informs about safe migration to prevent you from falling into a risky situation.


Learn with our stories!

  • Think Twice song

    Are you looking for a chance to migrate or for local opportunities? Do you believe everything you hear? Listen to this song recorded by young artists in El Salvador and Honduras.

  • They only tell you part of the story, get reliable information!

    Some people only tell part of their story when they migrate. Neither the journey nor settling in another country is easy. So, get information from reliable sources before making a decision as important as leaving your home and family behind.

  • The “Think Twice” manifiesto

    Young people from El Salvador and Honduras have a message for you: check the information you are getting is trustworthy. If you are looking for information about migration or local opportunities in your community, beware of scams!

  • An easy scholarship?

    Sometimes there are offers that seem too good, but beware! Find out where the information comes from and verify the sources. There are many people trying to trick you with fake information about migration and opportunities.

  • Be suspicious of certain offers abroad!

    You get a link to apply for a job in another country, everything looks too easy because you don't need any studies or experience. This offer may be a scam, remember that getting a job is a process with several requirements. Always verify the company and never give money in advance!

If you are looking for opportunities, do it safely:

1. Check out some tips for finding safe job offers here.
2. Find out about security measures on digital platforms. Read more here.
3. Learn how to identify fake news and fraudulent content here

If you are going to migrate, do it regularly:

1. Take out your passport! It's easy, read more here.
2. Learn how to get a visa to the United States here.
3. See here the opportunities to migrate safely.

A comprehensive campaign... Beyond information.

Following the Communication for Development methodology, "Think Twice" works along the communities and responds to the information needs identified.

Trainings with youth, institutions and key actors
Promotion of youth leadership and participation.
Informative, cultural, and recreational activities.


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