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  • Watch Felipe's lesson!
    1:43 min

    Philip was offered a job abroad that sounded too good to be true but when he arrived all the conditions changed. Therefore, he recommends verifying the authenticity of the person or organization and the real conditions of the work previously.

  • Discover Marta's advice
    1:50 min

    After hearing about an informal job offer, Marta faced a difficult experience. Therefore, she recommends to check beforehand the person or company that offers a job and to ask for a contract before starting work.

How to look for work safely if I am a migrant?

To avoid risky situations, you can take into account these recommendations:

1. Never hand over your passport and papers! Doing so could expose you to abusive circumstances.
2. You are not entitled to pay to apply for a job. The "Employer Pays Principle" states that hiring costs should NOT be borne by the worker, but by the employer.
3. Ask for a contract before starting work, this document is key for assuring your labor rights.

To prevent scams, you can look for job offers in safe places such as:

1. Vacancies published through municipalities, ministries, state institutions and verified private companies.
2. Vacancies published through universities or other reliable educational institutions.
3. Recognized job boards.
4. Chambers of commerce, industry, and similar organizations.
Tip Anti-Estafa: Desconfía si te citan en un parque para entrevistarte.
Tip Anti-Estafa: Nunca pagues poruna oferta laboral.
Tip Anti-Estafa: Las promesas no valen, los contratos sí.