10 Tips to Avoid Possible Job Scams

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10 Tips to Avoid Possible Job Scams

You{ve just got the opportunity of a lifetime: a job abroad with a good salary, no requirements or selection process. Sounds too good to be true? Beware! You could be a victim of scams or other crimes, such as human trafficking.  


Here are 10 tips for sassessing the reliability of job offers:  

1. Consult official sources (government websites, recognized international organizations, civil society organizations you know, among others).  

2. Check twice the offers or information that circulates in WhatsApp groups or social networks.  

3. Always verify the veracity of the information with other people close to you (family, friends, work colleagues).  

4. Never send or hand over your identity documents or passport.  

5. Never assume debts or financial commitments linked to a salary.    

6. When you receive job offers, call the company, organization or institution offering the job and verify that the offer is real.  

7. Think very well if working abroad is part of your life plan. Consult with family members or trusted friends before making a decision.   

8. Find out as much as possible about the country where you would like to work before applying (work permit or visa, language, economic, social and political situation, attitudes towards foreigners, etc).  

9. Always demand clear, complete, accurate information in your language.  

10. If the offer is too good to be true, be suspiciou

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