Learn about migrant rights in Costa Rica

Barrio costarricense con vecinos

Learn about migrant rights in Costa Rica

Find here some of the relevant topics that every migrant in Costa Rica should know: 


Children and adolescents have the right to enroll in the Costa Rican educational system regardless of their migratory status.  

It is totally prohibited to deny this right to a minor because of their nationality, according to the provisions of Decree N°DM-45-08-2018 of the Republic of Costa Rica and other international instruments such as the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.   


Every employer is obliged to insure its workers against labor risks, through the National Insurance Institute. The employer must insure its workers in the Costa Rican Social Security Fund so that they can receive medical attention. It is totally forbidden to deny this right to a person because of his nationality.  

Access to Justice  

All persons, regardless of their migratory status, can claim the non-respect of any of their rights. Access to justice in a prompt and compliant manner is a right of migrants in Costa Rica. Without access to justice, people cannot make their voices heard, exercise their rights or confront discrimination. 

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