On costs and planning: how to save to regularize?

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On costs and planning: how to save to regularize?

Perhaps you have already seen the benefits of regularization and are convinced that it is the best option. It will make it easier for you to access health care, visit your family in your home country and even have better job options. However, confusion about costs may discourage you. 


Let's talk about how much the process costs and how to save money in order to achieve it and live in peace.


1. Base cost of the process: $50 dollars. In colones (as of April 2022) this is ₡ 32900. 

To this you have to add the stamps of ¢ 125; and ¢2.50 for each sheet you submit in the application.  Finally, you have to request a certification issued by the Civil Registry that proves the link with Costa Rican, that is to say the proof that your child was born in Costa Rica. This costs ₡ 1,575. 


This adds up to ₡34,375, plus the costs of stamps and value per page mentioned above. 


2. Change of category: 

For example, if your current immigration category is "tourist," changing to "resident" will cost $200. This can be the most expensive item.

However, you can save this cost by requesting to be exempted from leaving the country to renew your visa. To do this, you must write a letter under Article 58 of the Reglamento de Extranjería, which states that you must explain to DGME that you are responsible for the care, upbringing and education of a minor whose welfare would be affected if you were to leave the country. If your application is approved, you will not have to pay the fee or present the visa in good standing to regularize your status. 


3. DIMEX: once the resolution recognizing you as a permanent resident is approved, you will have to pay a $98 fee to obtain the card. 




Let's plan ahead!


Now that you know how much it costs; you can start preparing for these procedures and save month by month. Some simple techniques to do this can be the envelopes to separate your salary and the traditional piggy banks.


It is important to consider that the General Directorate of Migration and Aliens sets the fees for its procedures in U.S. dollars, although at the time of payment, the payment is made in colones. 



Note: the calculations used in this article are made at the exchange rate of April 20, 2022, ₡658 colones per dollar.

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