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  • Couple gives birth in the Darien Forest

    This 25-year-old tells his experience crossing the Darien with his pregnant wife and they went through a series of difficulties. He prepared himself as much as he could, but nothing prepared him to face what the jungle was. He saw many videos of the forest, but none told them the truth. 

  • Woman separates from her son while crossing the Darien Forest

    This woman crossed the forest with her husband and their 10 and 8-year-old children. The route became practically impossible for her, a very painful journey that diabetes made even more cruel for her. Between pain and despair, she sent her son forward to ask for help. 

  • The Darien Forest is not for humans

    Anyone would think that the forest would be easy for a young, tall man like him, but he states that no, the jungle is not a matter of strength or skill, it is simply not for humans. Yes, nature has many dangers, but the worst of mankind is also housed among the vegetation. It hurts him that no one has warned him about this. 

  • When I woke up in the morning, I realized that I had slept next to a dead man.
  • The journey is challenging. You are looking for a better life, but you end up destroying it. It's hard.
  • I didn't think it would be difficult. I thought it was an easy road because people have been traveling for a long time. I thought it was an easy road, but I realized that it is not easy at all when I arrived.
  • This is how things are in the jungle: You walk in groups and meet other people on the way, but no one will stay by your side and they will not wait for you.

How can I be regularly and safely in...

Chile and Brazil

Countries like Chile and Brazil offer humanitarian or family reunification visas for Haitians so that they can stay on a regularly. Here is some valuable information:

  • Make sure you start the process at the correct center. If you want to migrate to Chile, you must request your appointment at the Chile Visa Application Center - CAVC while if you want to migrate to Brazil, you must make your appointment at the Brazil Visa Application Center – BVAC. The appointments are NOT interchangeable with each other.
  • There is no cost to schedule an IOM VAC appointment, EVER!
  • IOM does not have external partners to make appointments.
  • here is no express service or urgent appointments for visas.


When you have a visa from Chile or Brazil, you can enter Bolivia on a regular basis. Avoid being a victim of crimes such as robbery or human trafficking!


When it comes to migrating, a lot of information circulates, but not everything you receive is true. Here we clarify some common beliefs of migrants transiting through South America:

  • It is a myth that if you travel with your family, you will not be deported. The fact is that the returns in recent months are composed of women, children and adolescents of all ages.
  • It is a myth that Peru is granting special permits to the migrant population in transit. The fact is that the Haitians require a visa to enter Peru.
  • It is a myth that someone can guarantee you a “safe” irregular route. There are risks in all migratory routes.
  • Don’t be fooled! It is a myth that there are shelters in Madre de Dios for migrants.
  • Instead, there are organizations that can give you information, orientation and attention.

Here you can find more useful information:

  • In Peru, access to health care in an emergency is a right.
  • All those Covid–19 positive, pregnant women, girls and children under 5 years old can access the Peruvian integral health system (SIS Temporary), even if they are in an irregularly.
  • You have the right to denounce any violation of your rights (regardless of your migratory status).

Emergency hotlines

If you know or suspect one of the following cases, you can call:

  • Line 100: Cases of violence against women.
  • Line 1818: Cases of human trafficking.
  • Line 1810: Cases of violence against children and adolescents or in a situation of abandonment.

These lines are free of charge and are open 24 hours a day, every day. Remember! Regardless of your nationality or the documentation you have, you can call these lines.


Mexico offers humanitarian visas to:

  • Victims of a natural disaster.
  • Victims of violence, whose life or integrity is in danger.
  • People who enter to care for a family member because they are in serious health.
  • The procedure is free and can be done online! More information here.


Panama has a special visa category so that Haitian people in transit can enter on a regular basis. More information here.

The country also offers a short stay visa for international humanitarian assistance. Requirements are available here

Why Speak the Truth?


Darién is a jungle of 575,000 hectares and without land communication routes that has become a frequent passage for irregular migration from South America to the United States. It is considered one of the most dangerous irregular in the world, not only because it is a tropical forest -with mighty rivers and wild animals- but because organized crime groups operate there increasing the risks foe those who pass through the route.

Information on logistical aspects of the route, that is, entry points, costs, day of transit in the jungle, etc., is provided by people who have already traveled through the jungle, but there is no discussion about the risks they face when taking this migratory route. For this reason, "Pale Verite" -speak the truth in Haitian Creole- seeks to promote that Haitians can make informed decisions about the route to follow through the real stories of people who migrated through Darien.

More than 46,500 migrants have crossed the border in the last four years. Most of them are people of Haitian origin, although people from Cuba, Asia and Africa also pass through. The actual number of people who have disappeared into the jungle in their attempt to reach the north is unknown.

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