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Information for Migrating

Due to the emergency of COVID-19, the different services for migrants may be closed or delayed. Consult the institutions in charge for more information.


You must have an immigration status with the right to work.
The conditions with the right to work are as follows:
-Visitor with permission to carry out remunerated activities.
-Visitor for humanitarian reasons.
-Temporary resident.
-Temporary resident student.
-Permanent resident.
Each one of the conditions of stay has its own particularities and should be consulted in the nearest INM delegation.

2. Process the CURP
The Unified Population Registry Key (CURP) is a document issued by the National Population Registry. This document is the gateway to the world of work and the rest of the official documents, as it is necessary to perform procedures before the agencies of the Public Administration, or to be a beneficiary of programs granted by the government.
If the foreigner has a temporary or permanent permit, he can apply for his CURP online free of charge.
The Proof of Processing as applicant for refugee status allows to process the CURP and can be requested to the authority that is carrying out the procedure of refuge (COMAR or INM).

3. Obtain your Federal Taxpayer Registry
If you have the CURP you can process the Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC), before the Tax Administration Service (SAT), to make the payment of taxes before this agency. This document is required to receive income from work.

4. Notifications to the INM
Temporary residents, temporary residents, students or permanent residents must notify the National Immigration Institute (INM) of the change of marital status, name, nationality, domicile or place of work, within ninety calendar days after the change occurs.

To do so, a letter signed by the foreigner must be presented, in which, under protest to tell the truth, the change of marital status, name, nationality, new address or place of work, expressly indicating the previous and the new state or data that corresponds. In the event of dual nationality, this must be indicated and the nationality to be considered for registration and stay in the national territory.
- In the case of change of civil status must submit marriage certificate, divorce decree with date on which caused executory or death certificate of the spouse.
- In case of change of nationality, you must present the passport of the new nationality, certificate of nationality or letter of naturalization.
- In the case of a change of name, you must present a passport or identity and travel document with the new name and, if applicable, a document issued by the competent authority of your country in which the change of name is recorded.

If the person fails to notify the INM in a timely manner, he or she will be fined.

5. Change of employment
If the person has a temporary residence with permission to work, the company in which he or she works at the time of the renewal must have a Certificate of Alien Employer in order to renew the permit. It is important to consider this if you change jobs.

6. Support Programs
The General Directorate of Labor Training Centers (DGCFT), an area attached to the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), offers job training programs, such as:
-Training for and on the job in the Industrial Work Training Centers
-Coordination of the decentralized Training Institutes for Work (ICAT) on which the Training Units and Mobile Actions depend.

Visitor with permission to carry out Remunerated Activities:

Authorizes the foreigner to work in Mexico, for a period not exceeding 180 days. The visa may be used exclusively during the period of validity, which begins with the date of issue and by the number of entries indicated and the contracting company must have Proof of Registration of the Employer.

In order to obtain this status of stay, the employer must necessarily apply to the INM for a visa for an offer of employment in favor of the foreigner who wishes to hire.

For more information on the requirements for working in Mexico, please consult our Information Sheet on working in Mexico:   

For more information on permanent residency requirements, see For information on requirements for working in Mexico, see our Fact Sheet on Working in Mexico: Find out the location of the INM Representative Office where you can carry out your formalities

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